1、These are periodical magazines.

2、I expect regular periodical reports from you.

3、Quotation distribution mainly by periodical and monograph primarily.

4、The quarterly magazine is a periodical published every three months.

5、She refereed for a periodical a few years ago.

6、This periodical carries a biased report on China.

7、The worker has a periodical check on the machine.

8、It's inadequate to provide merely back issues to the students at the periodical room.

9、I should be glad if you could insert this article into your periodical.

10、The periodical is obtainable on the very first day of every month.

11、These periodical five francs were a double riddle to Courfeyrac who lent and to Thenardier who received them.

12、Imagine that binder crammed full of silicon and liquid crystal-that's the form factor of the future periodical.

13、For each answer students were required to provide an unimpeachable source, either a person (with contact information) or bibliographic citation for a book or periodical.

14、This is particularly true since many managers operate under the assumption that any project going long enough cannot avoid periodical design and re-implementation from scratch.

15、"All in all, we have stayed at the level of cancer prevention via mass media campaigns and periodical check-ups of women for the early detection of cervical pre-cancer lesions," says Popescu.

16、Significantly, this picture of Yeats as King Goll was used as an illustration for his first appearance in an English periodical a magazine of art and ideas called The Leisure Hour.